Hi! We are Doru & Claudia -Professional Photographers

Doru and Claudia Halip are the founders of H Photography – Chicago. Every new year brings about a more nuanced understanding that where there is pleasure, where there is passion, there will always be a chance to achieve perfection. In the beginning of 2011 they chose to glance at the puzzling, enigmatic future ahead of them with ardent emotion and excitement. Doru & Claudia knew they had another opportunity to blast past their previous limitations and breathe in the picturesque Chicago area in the dim lights of fall, or the magnificent Chicago skyline on an electric summer night, while placing the bride and groom on creative pedestals and anxiously shooting photo after photo with the hope that the best wedding pictures will not delay in making themselves manifest.

Doru + Claudia Professional Photographers Chicago Area

That’s how the H Photography was born as a boutique photography studio in Chicago area that offers only the best for those looking to have the best photography experience for their most important days in life! H. Photography has captured the timeless moments of dozens of couples, not only in the state of Illinois, but all over the United States after they conquered Europe from 2005 till 2011. They have witnessed firsthand elegant, bright, fun, sophisticated, cosmopolitan weddings in spring, summer, fall and winter, and they have had the privilege to express themselves freely They have chosen to test the limits…and each time the bride and groom have given them the freedom to step into the infinite unknown of art, they have felt challenged to create something unique that would surpass the preset boundaries, but would also be substantially personal to their muses, the couple. Words could never express the immense joy and pleasure they find in their work. The captured moments they present to their couples in their wedding albums are defining ones. It is in their eyes that we find the eagerness to continue their quest to improve their art and the desire to preserve the sense of astonishment that comes with the final artistic result. These pictures will be the witness of their constant provocation to perpetually improve upon our best, and propel H Photography to surmount the ever-lingering, forbidden valley of artistic status quo.